The Philippians came together in 2004, after Cory Nitta and Zak Mering were introduced by mutual friends while living in San Diego. The two passionate electronic musicians instantly saw the potential to collaborate, though their official partnership didnt begin until they had both relocated to Los Angeles. Living in a small Hollywood apartment, they started making music around the clock.  Hailing from Ridgecrest, Calif., Nitta cites his mother as the primary impetus for his lifelong pursuit of music. Influenced by her love of the harp and guitar, Nitta started with the piano and quickly moved on to the guitar, bass and harp. After playing in a variety of local bands, Nitta left Ridgecrest in pursuit of broader opportunities to produce and perform music.  

Born in Los Angeles to a family of musicians, Mering landed briefly in Northern California before relocating to the East Coast. As a teenager living outside Philadelphia, Mering developed an appreciation for Madlib, Prefuse 73, Daedelus and a variety of underground hip hop artists, which ultimately compelled him to start creating on his own computer-based music. After graduating from high school, Mering moved back to California to start a career in music.