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the Philippians: Goodnite Life
With all of it’s digitally generated content, it can be an arduous task to make electronic music sound warm and soft. The Phillipians’s “Goodnite Life” makes simple work of sunny, happy (and still complicated!) IDM synthpop, equally gazing in the directions of both Aphex Twin and the Postal Service. While thin echoes of glitch beats mingle with expertly cut synths, dreamy lines of acoustic instruments dart in front of one another, resulting in very, very sweet pop songs. It’s hard to say whether the creators intended this record to be more pop or more electronic, but their pure love of both genres is immediately apparent. It’s aching and emotional, it’s sweet and happy, the main point being that it’s just a really enjoyable listen, made all the more enjoyable by the fact that it’s a little more intricate than your average synthpop release.

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