It Might Be Too Late to Tell

newcrom1Philippians100 Knives feat. Mirah.

It’s always surprising hearing what’s happening in little corners of Los Angeles, right down the street from my house. I come across a lot of local music, but much of it is either not good or just undeveloped. Still, I listen. And then one day you’ll come into your office and hear something like the Philippians coming out of your email and it’s totally ridiculous.

I absolutely love this song. Love it. The philippians make this delicate music that’s just amazing. It fits right in with everything I’ve been listening to lately.

I’ve been waking up really early lately. This is mostly due to the carwash next door, but it feels pretty natural. So when I’m sitting there at 7 a.m., doing some work, eating some breakfast, and killing some time, I like having this record along with me. Even though it’s called Goodnite Life, I find this to be an exceptional morning record.

Two guys in Echo Park made this record. They’re more or less putting this record out themselves, and I highly recommend it. You can pick it up direct from the band off their site.