Philippians Sampler CD

Just printed a couple samplers for the club kids down there in Housten, Texas.  If you’re down near that South by Southwest, be on the look out for a pimped out ice cream truck selling sweets to all the children.  If they don’t just give you one, then be sure to ask.  I’ll drop a picture so you know what it looks like.


Goodnite Life “She Will Return”
The Philippians
Brake Records LLC
Dir. The Philippians

This is a video that we made in January of 07′.  I hope she comes back.

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the Philippians: Goodnite Life
With all of it’s digitally generated content, it can be an arduous task to make electronic music sound warm and soft. The Phillipians’s “Goodnite Life” makes simple work of sunny, happy (and still complicated!) IDM synthpop, equally gazing in the directions of both Aphex Twin and the Postal Service. While thin echoes of glitch beats mingle with expertly cut synths, dreamy lines of acoustic instruments dart in front of one another, resulting in very, very sweet pop songs. It’s hard to say whether the creators intended this record to be more pop or more electronic, but their pure love of both genres is immediately apparent. It’s aching and emotional, it’s sweet and happy, the main point being that it’s just a really enjoyable listen, made all the more enjoyable by the fact that it’s a little more intricate than your average synthpop release.

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It Might Be Too Late to Tell

newcrom1Philippians100 Knives feat. Mirah.

It’s always surprising hearing what’s happening in little corners of Los Angeles, right down the street from my house. I come across a lot of local music, but much of it is either not good or just undeveloped. Still, I listen. And then one day you’ll come into your office and hear something like the Philippians coming out of your email and it’s totally ridiculous.

I absolutely love this song. Love it. The philippians make this delicate music that’s just amazing. It fits right in with everything I’ve been listening to lately.

I’ve been waking up really early lately. This is mostly due to the carwash next door, but it feels pretty natural. So when I’m sitting there at 7 a.m., doing some work, eating some breakfast, and killing some time, I like having this record along with me. Even though it’s called Goodnite Life, I find this to be an exceptional morning record.

Two guys in Echo Park made this record. They’re more or less putting this record out themselves, and I highly recommend it. You can pick it up direct from the band off their site.

In the mind of philippian…

Brake Records Releases Philippians Debut CD, Goodnite Life

First offering delivers a blend of organic and electronic elements with broad appeal 

Los Angeles, Calif., August 6, 2006 Brake Records is proud to announce the release of the Philippians debut CD, Goodnite Life. The genre-defying electronic production marks the first release for both the bandcomprised of California natives Cory Nitta and Zak Mering and the label, headed by Ean Sumner.  

The Philippians bring a new dimension to todays electronic music scene by applying their distinctive computer-based production techniques to organic sounds. GoodniteLife incorporates soaring vocals, dynamic acoustic performances, electronic elements and esoteric samples culled from everyday Los Angeles life. Inspired by a city that provides a hint of promise on the razors edge of despair, the Philippians coax heartwarming, uplifting melodies from their assortment of cutting-edge music creation tools.  

The Philippians embody the new generation of musicians who take on production responsibilities in addition to songwriting and playing instruments. Nitta and Mering recorded the entire album on their PC, with the help of advanced yet affordable tools by companies like M-Audio and Ableton. Mering begins by sampling the sounds of his environment in high resolution via the M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96 and then arranging the sounds in Ableton Live. Nitta then layers his own vocals and performances on acoustic instruments including hammer dulcimer, harp, keys, guitar, bass and drums with orchestral sounds from libraries. The Philippians have something new to offer todays electronic music landscape, says Ean Sumner, founder and CEO of Brake Records. In addition to effectively melding the electronic with the organic, the Philippians deliver a unique message of hope thats notably absent in most music created in this town. The Philippians have taken the dark and mysterious elements of Los Angeles and twisted them into a story of beauty in the midst of survival and chronic depression. The music expresses the great enchantment of art and creation for arts sake, while maintaining a wide appeal.

Beyond creating something that sounds unique in terms of fresh production, we want our melodies to communicate a very specific message, explains Nitta. When someone listens to our music, we want them to feel uplifted and reassured, like theyre floating up to heaven or falling in love. To accomplish this, we use real, organic instruments in a way that will speak to everyonefrom ardent electronica fans to techno neophytes. Goodnite Life is currently available at

About the Philippians  The Philippians came together in 2004, after Cory Nitta and Zak Mering were introduced by mutual friends while living in San Diego. The two passionate electronic musicians instantly saw the potential to collaborate, though their official partnership didnt begin until they had both relocated to Los Angeles. Living in a small Hollywood apartment, they started making music around the clock.  Hailing from Ridgecrest, Calif., Nitta cites his mother as the primary impetus for his lifelong pursuit of music. Influenced by her love of the harp and guitar, Nitta started with the piano and quickly moved on to the guitar, bass and harp. After playing in a variety of local bands, Nitta left

  Ridgecrest in pursuit of broader opportunities to produce and perform music.  Born in Los Angeles to a family of musicians, Mering landed briefly in Northern California before relocating to the East Coast. As a teenager living outside Philadelphia, Mering developed an appreciation for Madlib, Prefuse 73, Daedelus and a variety of underground hip hop artists, which ultimately compelled him to start creating on his own computer-based music. After graduating from high school, Mering moved back to California to start a career in music. 

About Brake Records Founded by Ean Sumner and associates in January 2006, Brake Records is a Los Angeles-based record company dedicated to producing, promoting and distributing experimental music. The company also provides in-house management to its artist roster. Shortly after its inception, Brake Records tapped the Philippians as the labels first release.


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